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Blog interaction

Tony is asking in his Blog how peaople are interacting with blogs.
I like this question and I also like to answer. I hope his blog will receive my trackback.
Now his questions:

  1. Do you only read the RSS feed?
  2. Do you ever click to the blog post itself (as opposed to the links it provides – which would be on another blog)? If so, why did you click?
  3. Do you ever leave comments?
  4. Do you ever read comments? If so, how did you find them?
  1. Yes, usually I only read the RSS-Feed.
  2. If I want to write a comment or if I expect more of the post than delivered via RSS.
  3. Yes, usually I leave comments. If someones articles might be interesting for my readers to or if I want to leave more than a comment I write an article and try to send a trackback.
  4. I read only comments if they offer more Information or opinions relatet to topics which seem to be very interesting for me

Dear guests, what about your interaction habits concerning blogs? Would you prefer to get only teasers via RSS?