International Seminar at the ZKM

Between 3rd and 6th international Seminar we had our fifth international Seminar for ePedagogy Design. This time it was held in the ZKM in Karlsruhe. One of our Focuses was the YOU_ser Exhibition.
I liked the FLICK_KA which is obviously related to the Photosharing Service Flickr. There were also some “usual” Seminar Program. Our dutch Fellows had some presentations about what they’re teaching at the Inholland University what was quite interesting, but too sad that we can’t take some of these Courses. Especially the course from Lynda Deutz seemed to be very interesting.
Further on some of the ePedagogy Students showed us the intermediate result of their Project Work concerning the envisioning new Interfaces in cooperative media culture. Multitouch and moreThat was very interesting and close to what the ePush eInfrastructure Team is working on. I liked this Work of my finnish and spanish fellow Students that much, because it was the first time for me that I thought there is something happening in the seminar what is extremely hot stuff and not that familiar for me. Later on we gave a short introduction which ePedagogy Seminars will be offered from Hamburg this term. So, for the first Time I tried to introduce a seminar at the university which is hosted by myself!zkm
If you’d like to get an Impression on what else happend during the seminar in Karlsruhe and have a look at all the pictures which where taken during the seminar (even my Photos are not complete yet, sorry!).
For the Next international which might be held in Barcelona I suggested to do it as a Barcamp. We’ll see…

See also Torsten Meyers Report about this Seminar or Owens 1 2 3 Twitter Collections.

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