Advertising and Education

IAs you might already know I like to use blogs with my students. Because my students should just learn how to use blogs it is important that they have a possibility to try blogging for free. Till now I always recommended because in comparison to they offer free podcasting, just in case anybody would like to use it.

Today I had one of my students in my consultation-hours and I was a little bit shocked when she showed me her blog on edublogs. In my opinion edublogs always offered a great service to education related people who wan’t to blog. Today my mind changed completely. Not only that edublogs added classical google ads (black arrows) to the newest posts, they also hyperlink text within the blogposts to differnt products (orange arrows). What I don’t like about this that as far as I know the users havent been informed about the change and that it is not that obvious to the visitors why ther is a ad-link in the text and who placed it.
Screenshot taken fom:

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