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Im aktuellen Semester wird es eine Aufgabe der Teilnehmer meines Seminares sein ein ePortfolio zu erstellen.
Laut MOSEP Studie können ePortfolios sowohl das Lernen, als auch den Lerner unterstützen. Wenn dies gelingt lohnt sich das Führen eines ePortfolios aus meiner Sicht im Rahmen von universitären Lehrveranstaltungen (und nicht nur dort!).
Die ePortfolio-Software soll hierzu folgende Aufgaben erfüllen können:

  • speichern
  • versenden
  • veröffentlichen
  • ordnen und beschreiben
  • verknüpfen

von Artefakten. ((
Die Funktion Inhalte des Portfolios versenden zu können finde ich nicht wichtig, mir reicht es, wenn Weiterlesen

Video about ePortfolios (and PLE’s?)

In Helen Barretts Blog I found this nice video about ePortfolios. It was created by Sònia Guilana.
Helen wrote:

This 3-minute video was created by Sònia Guilana, to explain eportfolios to her high school students (12-18) in Catalonia, Spain. Great images! Nice, simple explanation.

I’m just asking myself if this video could’nt also be used to explain what a ple can offer to learners.

How to share Seminar Material online

Having a Webpage or a Blog for a Seminar becomes more and more popular. The times where you have to copy whole folders of seminal content are rarely over because of different good reasons.

Get it online

One can easily upload different kinds of files to the own webpage to make them available to the students. Usually Slides, Texts, Images, Videos or even a collection of Links are published on websites.


The Web offers a lot of Options to share your Seminar stuff with others on social sharing services. This is helpful to avoid the reinvention of the wheel, to get credits and Feedback from others, even from people who are not within that particular seminar but interested in the topic.

Make it work

Most of those social sharing services do not only offer the storage of files. They usually offer user profiles, categories and tagging for your content. Another very useful feature is the embed function. That means you can upload and store your files on theyr server, but they allow you to copy an embed-code from their page to display the content in your blog/website. And further on to embed slideshows or films into your own website usually means that you can watch them without leaving your website.

How To

  1. Find the embed-code (Viddler, Teachertube, Slideshare, Flickr, Scribt, Issuu)
  2. Copy it to your Clipboard
  3. Go to your Blogpost (change to the code editor if you are in wysiwyg-mode)
  4. Paste the code
  5. Be happy 😉

Note: and sometimes need special code. See their FAQ’s if no special code is offered.
The Screenshots below will show you where to find the embed code.


Video: Viddler, Teachertube
Slides: Slideshare
Images: Flickr
Text: scribd, issuu

It works like this Video from Teachertube:

Edumedia 08 – a review

It was my first Educational Conference I attended as usual visitor. The location St. Virgil in Salzburg was very useful. The Wifi was a little bit weak some times (as Martin already mentioned) and it seems that the eInfrastructure is more important than one thinks sometimes. A lot of the participants where hunting sockets, especially close to the rooms where the sessions took place. Even more important were the Tracks, Forums and Keynotes and I want to sum up my Impressions.

ePortfolio Expert Forum


eLearning – Concept for a Seminar

I am giving my first Seminar at the University of Hamburg this Semester. It is a lot of fun working with interested and motivated students and it is a lot of work to arrange a seminar for those students.
I decided not to use one of the established plattform which are supposed to support seminars here in Hamburg.

Reasons to work with a Blog and Wiki in Seminars

I decided that i’d like to try to work with a weblog-wiki-combination for my seminar as I am always praying telling in my workshops.Weiterlesen