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International Seminar

The past four days I participated in the third international Seminar of ePedagogy Design – Visual Knowledge Building. It was held in Hamburg for the first time and I had been in the group of students who where planning it. (Hey folks it was nice to work with you ;-))
Antti, one of the finnish students stayed at my place and together with him and all the other epedagogy Students I had a great time.

One purpose of this meeting was to form new groups for the upcoming semester-project. Together with Owen and Alex and may be hopefully more people I will work on a wiki concerning ePedagogy. There had been taken been a lot of photos which can be found at flickr.
The documentation of the seminar is available at the Me/We in ePedaogy Design Blog.
Regarding to our trip to the Dialoge in the Dark and the included Boat-Trip and some requests of our guide “Please make a snake” I found this video.