International Seminar

The past four days I participated in the third international Seminar of ePedagogy Design – Visual Knowledge Building. It was held in Hamburg for the first time and I had been in the group of students who where planning it. (Hey folks it was nice to work with you ;-))
Antti, one of the finnish students stayed at my place and together with him and all the other epedagogy Students I had a great time.

One purpose of this meeting was to form new groups for the upcoming semester-project. Together with Owen and Alex and may be hopefully more people I will work on a wiki concerning ePedagogy. There had been taken been a lot of photos which can be found at flickr.
The documentation of the seminar is available at the Me/We in ePedaogy Design Blog.
Regarding to our trip to the Dialoge in the Dark and the included Boat-Trip and some requests of our guide “Please make a snake” I found this video.

4 Kommentare zu “International Seminar

  1. OMG…you are writing in English now 😉
    …and I’m the first one to comment!
    Don’t really have much to say except to
    wish you good luck! ( and btw the clip is
    somehow blocked, I could’t look at it).

  2. Hey yana, thanks for the hint. I replaced the video. Should work now!?

  3. I like your blog!
    Must say again that the work you did for the seminar was good,

  4. Hey Ralf!
    It was SUPA nice to to stay with you in Hamburg. Thanks once again. You have a very nice city that youre living.I am gonna publish a project blog soon right now waiting for UIAH staff to give me the server space.Ill let you know when its online.

    Greets to other Hamburg seminar student participants Christina, Alex and Ina.

    BR, Antti

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