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What does an educational microblogging service need?

etherpadLast time in my Seminar about blogging in education we talked about the question if one would like to use microblogging in education, what would be needed to be a good educational microblogging service.
To discuss that and share some general information we used an etherpad document. And I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that instead of just thinking about the task everyone started creating content in this document. I shared the Information that we are working on this right now on twitter an so other seminar participants who can’t joint today and other twitter users joined as well. Thanks for that!

In my opinion the collected features might exclude each other sometimes, but it is a first collection and might be improved during the next weeks.

PS: During working with etherpad we discovered that there is a limitation to 8 users working on the document at the same time.

Intermediate Results at the end of the seminar: Weiterlesen

Back from Holiday – just a few links

Hi all,

it has been preety quiet here the past few weeks. Sorry for that but I had a lot of work to do followed by great holidays. Now I’d like to share some links with you which might be interesting.

  1. 100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers
  2. Presentation: Designing New Learning Landscapes (George Siemens)
  3. Twitter in Education Link 1 Link 2
  4. 20 Free eBooks About Social Media

May be I missed some important links during the past weeks. Please let me know!

Microlearning 2008

Thanks to Twemes and Martin Ebners Twitter Messages I get at least a Impression of what is going on at the Microlearning Conference 2008 in Innsbruck/Austria.
E.g. Judy Breck [Blog 1, Blog 2] with her Keynote about the Cloud in Education she states that:

Delivering the cloud to individual students is the key mobile role for education.

The node junction between web assets is the most important component of online learning.

That sounds a lot like George Siemens idea of Connectivism to me.

In her Keynote she presents a

3 Step Plan to complete before 2012

  1. No more pencils – mobile and connectivity to all school age kids
  2. No textbooks – schools use open educational resources online
  3. No more searching gobbledygook – educators and mobilists focus on learning content

Martin Ebners presentation titled “Has the end of chalkboard come? A survey about the limits of Interactive Pen Displays in Higher Education” could be a nice base for evaluating interactive whiteboards within our ePush Project.

That’s it so far. For me it is nice to get these impressions. Thanks a lot to the contributers!